4 Ways to Deduct 100% of Business Meals

Generally, a business owner can take only a 50% tax deduction for the cost of their business meals and entertainment.  However, in the following circumstances a full 100% deduction is allowed for those expenses.

Office Snacks: Coffee, fruits, bottled water, soda, etc. provided to employees at the office.

Office Meals:  Meals provided to more than half of the employees at the place of business at the employer’s convenience.  Examples would include lunch or dinner provided to employee’s to meet a project deadline or to accommodate some special work event.  Pizza lunches for the office during busy times or training work great. 

Employee Parties: Meal and entertainment expenses for a company picnic or holiday party.  That Christmas party in December is a 100% deductible expense.

Promotional Events: Free food or beverages provided to the general public for promotional purposes. This works well for a business sponsoring a table at a conference, park, or another venue where the idea is to promote your business in the community.

Keep in mind deductible meal expense must be reasonable. Keeping good records is important too. The 100% meal expense should be clearly distinguished in your accounting records as something different from "Meals and Entertainment". By creating a separate expense line within your accounting software labeled such as "Meals and Entertainment – 100%" that is reserved just for meals or food that qualifies for the 100% deduction. This will help you to accurately state expense in your Profit & Loss statement and take a full meal deduction when you hand your books to your accountant to prepare your tax return.

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Alesya Romanovich, CPA

Roeser Accountancy Corporation

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