Letter from the Franchise Tax Board re Access to Your Account

The State of California’s Franchise Tax Board (FTB) recently enhanced the “MyFTB” program. The upgraded process is designed to better protect your account information and privacy.
As part of our preparation of your tax returns, we check the FTB website to confirm that your current year estimated tax payments and prior year tax overpayments are accurately reflected in your account, and can contact you and the FTB immediately if corrections are needed.  This helps to ensure that your California tax return is correct to minimize delays in processing.
As a result, each year we are required to use the registration process allowing us to add you as a client to our account in the MyFTB system.  When we do, the FTB will automatically generate and send a letter to you, the taxpayer, notifying you that access to your account information has been given to a specific tax preparer from our firm.  Please be aware that we are only given access to your tax information, not to actual payments or refunds.
The letter you receive, unfortunately, will not include our firm name to help identify the person requesting this information. To help in this manner, the CPA’s from our firm who may be accessing your account are listed below with further information about them to be found on our website, Roeser CPA - About Us .

·        Bill Roeser, CPA

·        Lori Augenstein, CPA

·        Michelle Gutierrez, CPA

·        Raymond Medrano, CPA, CVA

·        Alesya Romanovich, CPA

·        Joy Isheim, CPA

Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you have any questions regarding this matter.

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